There’s a free course I recently discovered on Coursera that offers a wealth of information on cooking and child nutrition. Although the title is “Child Nutrition and Cooking,” I’ve found nearly all the information is appropriate for everyone, not just children.  This course is great both for people looking to lead healthier lifestyles and personal trainers. […]

  Unfortunately, many of us struggle to achieve healthful eating habits. We may lack knowledge about what we should eat, much less why should eat it. So here’s a post on the basic nutrition information I always go over with clients before starting an exercise program.   Calories There are three main processes that cause […]

When it comes to health, one of the most powerful things a person can do is write down their goals. One of the first things personal trainers are taught is to help clients develop SMART Goals around their fitness. I encourage people to set their sights on quantitative changes in their daily behaviors rather than […]

When asked, most people would cite two primary reasons for exercise: 1) to lose weight, and 2) to get stronger. It’s true, exercise can help you do both of those things (although, when it comes to weight loss, diet can be a much more powerful variable – see my posts on that here and here). […]

Does this image accurately reflect how you feel after work most days? Does the suggestion of exercise make you want to crawl into a cave with a wedding cake and unlimited wifi? If so, hiring a personal trainer may rank somewhere on your to-do list alongside “make friendly conversation with the depressed Steve Buscemi look-alike […]

Are you the type of person who hits the gym, works your butt off, and jets out? No warm up; no cool-down; and no stretching? If so, I hope I can convince you to change your routine. In my time training, I’ve found far too many people have been sucked in by inappropriate cultural expectations […]